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Thursday, June 9, 2011

This morning started off a bit cool and cloudy which was nice.  I figured on a day like today the browns would enjoy having a woolly bugger in front of their faces...  I headed to a spot on Elk Creek I've never fished before - 10th Ave (just off of Hwy 12).  I'm sure people have had success there, but I did not.   Few real nice holes, and only one rise.  The past couple days I've been to Elk the water level seemed below average.  Aside from the few good looking holes, everything else was shallow and sandy, with small pockets of structure.  Maybe someone needs to show me something I don't know about catching those fish hiding underneath several logs that prevent you from casting past them... If I did get to a manageable position, I had spooked them...  A spinning rod would've actually been a good thing to have, I reckon.
Decided to go further upstream to where Hwy 12 crosses the creek.  For some reason I went right into the water, rather than walking on land underneath the train bridge.  I believe a while ago I had made the choice to walk about 50 yards before making a cast for one reason or another.  Well, I took this picture from the creek imagining what would happen if that molten sulfur started leaking into the creek.

I kept walking and started to remember why I normally walk 50 or so yards before putting in.  I took a couple more steps, put one foot on a rock and went completely under.
Well...there went my fishing day.  Pretty irate I decided it wasn't my day.

Now this looks like a good trout recipe!

Speaking of recipes.  I came across Trout Caviar


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